Just wondering how someone would play this:

E -------0-0--0-------------0-0---------0----------------------
B ---0-3--------3--0-0--0-3-------0-0-------3---------0---0----
G -------3-3----------------3-3---3-3--------------0--0---0----
D -----------------2-2----------2-----2---2------2------2------
A -------------------------------------------------------------
E ---------------------------------------------0---------------

How can I play three strings at the same time that aren't next to each other without playing the notes inbetween
one word. FINGERPICKING. if youre really new and you want to play 3 strings without the other ones playing too. i would use my thumb, pointer, and middle. play them indivually but at the same time. its tough at first then a piece of cake.
what song is this?? anyway i would just mute the string, like when ur fretting, use the end of ur finger to touch/mute the string.