Hi guys, I'm posting on behalf of my band - Communication From Elsewhere. We've been together for around a year with a second guitarist added about two months ago. We've got a few songs thrown together and recorded on a friends Zoom recorder and uploaded onto the myspace. Constructive criticism would be very appreciated as it is the first band for all members and we're fairly new at this kind of thing.



I'll happily crit anyone back.

Btw, I play lead guitar.
Being honest yall sound really messy. clean it up. get a new vocalist. and keep the right tempo. other than that yall are decent
I actually liked it. Like the other guy said, the drummer needs some work. But The rhythm and lead guitar sounds good and in time. It's really hard to tell your real potential with those recordings though. I think that the singer will be fine as long as you can record him in better quality. I suggest getting some software, a decent mic and some midi drums and rerecord all the songs in better quality. Then I believe you will get the reponses you should be getting for those songs.

Good Job! Keep it up!


Crit this or leave a comment on my profile if you have the time:

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yeah, its tough to tell how good you guys are with the shotty recordings

the guitar tone doesn't sound real good, maybe its the recording, however the playing is pretty good

same thing with the singer, he probably sounds better in real life, but its hard to tell

frankly, playing wise you guys can probably pass the bill, but invest in some better recording equipment