Hey guys,

I bought a second-hand ENGL Sceamer 50 combo a while ago, which had had the usual Celestion V30 replaced with a V12-80 Silver Series. I'm not sure if the current speaker fits the amp right - it has emphasis on the bass and treble, which I'm not sure I need - the ENGL has a lot of treble bite, and my bridge pickup (Bareknuckle Miracle Man) has a fair bit of bass and treble to it itself, and so my tone lacks mid punch and has a slightly brittle, biting treble edge to it.

What speaker would you recommend for a less brittle, chunkier tone, that would be well suited to the Screamer?

Why not switch back to a V30? I seem to recall people saying they have a string midrange and if ENGL puts them in as stock I would say they're probably a good choice.
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