i really like the fender blender but 200$ is a bit much for me. what are some other good really fuzzy dirty similar pedals for less $$$. i know about the big muff, and the sd-1 and ds-1. under 100$ is the goal.

i like a deep unorganized fuzz. the best picture i can paint sound wise is an almost bluesy QOTSA, with some grunge (like mudhoney or nirvana) mixed in.

EDIT: also what did eric clapton use for his fuzz in cream? that is also a similar example of what i'm looking for.
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Big Muff might you get you the bluesy sound and I would say go with a DS-1 for the Nirvana thats not really a Fuzz Box though. Also I think I read Clapton used two Marshall Stacks cranked and he would turn one for during the song and the other one on for solos.