So here's the deal....

I made a correct 1,000,000 tab (with power chords, as seen in nin.com rehearsal footage) for guitar 1 and submitted it, and after 2 days it was rejected. I'm guessing the editor compared it to Versions 1 and 2, which are both made up of single-line riffs, and which are both very, very off (it's difficult to tell on the recording, however the video very clearly shows Finck playing power chords). I re-submitted it, however it was denied with a plain "d" (not a d*) the first time, so I don't know if it'll go through. What can I do about this if it's rejected again?
I don't know enough about that specific song but I wouldn't guarantee that the way that the songs are played on rehearsal tapes is the same as it is on the record, as NIN are notorious for rearranging and drastically changing their songs for a live setting.
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This is true.... however revisiting the master tracks on 1,000,000 makes you skeptical of how that much punch is thrown out from a single string (they sound like power chords, but are so ****ing fuzzy it's difficult to tell other than by the amount of strength they have). You can also hear his hand moving up the strings between the 10-12 power chords and 15-17, something that wouldn't happen if it was a 3-5 single string being played on the A and higher D strings. Also, Finck performed tracks on the album (this one wasn't all Reznor playing), and it's highly likely he tracked 1,000,000.