So today I was adjusting the intonation on my OFR bridge. I had everything set up right according to the instructions on floyd rose's website. So I had tuned my guitar, locked the nut down, and was playing around for a bit, when all of a sudden during a bend on the low E, I felt a small snap underneath my right hand on the bridge. My E was now a low B flat. So I thought the string slipped a little, and I tightened up the low E saddle and re-tuned. After all that, I was doing some whammy-abuse to make sure everything was working right, and whenever I would dive low and return, my E would be SHARP. Whenever I would pull back and return, my E would be FLAT. What the hell is wrong?! Please help.
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Sounds like you didn't get the saddle bolted down tightly, and it's sliding back and forth.

Just what it sounds like to me.