american strat

loose jack input the nut wont tighten well... advice?

is there upgrades for tone and volume pots because my volume is so poor, acts as a on off switch
and the tone isnt great either

so any advice on either things and possible upgrades and locations of these

thanks y'all
1.) you are going to have to replace the input jack and resolder the two connections to that. If you leave it, you run the risk of disconnecting one or both of the wires anyway.

2.) yes you can always upgrade pots if you think that is the problem. most Strats come with 250K pots so you could look at 500K pots. My hunch on the on/off thing is a loose, bad or missing wiring connection (solder joint). Have you done any mods recently or is this a stock guitar that all of the sudden started doing this?

Either way, unless you are good with a soldering iron and wiring diagrams, i would just take it in.
my dad can solder to a diagram so no worries there

is the 500k pots ok with a SSS pickup config???

i think its prob a poor fender the lack of quality

also is it a nut thing or a jack plate thing otherwise i could get a nut lol

thanks tho for ur wicked input
not sure on 500K pots for single coils.

i doubt highly that it is poor quality if it is an American Strat

if it is just the nut that is spinning, then the thread the nut bolts onto is stripped, so you need a new input jack (a new nut won't help if the the thread is stripped)

PS - i still don't think this is a pot issue - it seems more likely that it is a loose solder joint as both your volume and tone knobs are affected. Remember, all of these pots are wired together for the most part in a certain order.

open it up and look and/or take pictures if you like, and if you dad is handy with soldering iron you i doubt you will screw anything up if you resolder any funky looking joints.