the girl from the Hills compares her struggle with the "feud" between her and her friend to that of the persecution of Jesus.

She also claims to be "the most religious person" and a "non-denominational baptist" which is close to being the biggest oxy-moron i've heard in a while.

I just thought this was funny and random. Me and my sister have this sibling thing where we watch The Hills and rip on it Science Fiction Theater 3000 style.
Ugh shes so typical looking of a person who would say somthing like that.
Its just a publicity stunt so whateves....
" Did You know, in Tibet, if they want something, do you know what they do? They give something away."

"Do they ? That must be why they're such a dominant global power."
it just goes to show you that the world is full of fail
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I'm a pretty hardcore Christian. I would like to sincerely apologize that you ran into that little fucktard

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dale-banez made a fool of himself..lol

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What she said has been taken completly out of context, one look at her tells you she's an idiot and anything involving religion always gets blown up.
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they make horrible noises in the middle of the night (is it sex?)

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I guess she's pretty hot if you're into that "having a good music video, but not better than Beyonce's" kind of thing...
Well regardless I'd still rap...er....what?
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What's the big deal with Gibsons, anyway?
I've heard loads of Gibsons being played before
and they don't sound any more special than
any other guitar.

^UG's King Of Fail.
Isnt that show scripted anyway. i know that laguna beach definately was
Its all a load of cr*p anyway
This party made me laugh for some reason: "She's planning a trip to Africa with Pratt to "feed children and help build things." -