american strat

got loose jack plate i think the thread of the nut is broke not sure
so the leads jiggles in and around alot....advice or upgrade posibilities??

and also volume and tone pots are poor
the volume starts at 3 and then doesnt get louder you know? again any advice to repair OR upgrade suggestions like just better pots or whatever

thanks guys
the pots wouldn't be doing that unless they're fried. Do you leave you amp on alot and is it plugged into a surge protector? have you messed with the wiring, took it apart or dropped it? for a wiring harness go to dragonfireguitars.com they sell the full harness for pretty cheap.
well it does get louder but just not smooth at all and would be unusable to do volume swirls in playing

havent messed with wiring just changed the scratchplate

but before i did this it was like that

change pots or use contact cleaner on them if you're paranoid about replacing them.
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