Ok, so basically I've been playing guitar for three year and have nothing more to really pracise. I recently started working on Alternate picking (which needs cleaning up; tips on thats are appreciated), and now i have nothing else. So what should I re-visit or learn.

PS - I play mainly 60s/70s rock, progressive rock, folk, folk rock, classical, and jazz.
Brush up on scale/chord theory, learn to fingerpick, learn sweep picking if you feel that you would use it, learn chordal picking or string skipping patterns... there's lots more that you can do. As for help with alternate picking, just stay loose and start slow, then build up speed using a metronome.
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If you really want to improve your alternate picking techinque, find just about any online video lesson of Paul Gilbert. IMO, he has the best alternate picking technique around. Basically, it's all about loosening your wrist so you play without tension, picking with the pick somewhat slanted towards the strings, and practicing slowly and working your speed up using a metronome. Also, make sure you practice outside picking and economical movement.
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