i just broke my first string on my jackson king v and i dont know how to change the strng. i cant find where to put the new string in and where to pull the other string out from. could you please help me. thanks
If it's a string through then check the back plate. There will be holes for the string. If it has a tremolo system then you have to loosen the allen bolt to release the string. If it's a tail stop then you should look at the bottom of your bridge and see holes. Anyway that is about it.
i assume its a floyd rose? If so, you'll have to cut the ball at the end of the string back and clamp it at the end. Mine needed an allen key to open the area for the string. Hold on, i have a link that shows you how to do it. thats a terrible explanation!
i know how to change it on my lespul but this has a floyd rose and i dont unerstand it. i guess i shouldve said it has a floyd rose