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SingleDigitIQ? is a street punk / grunge / hardcore punk (black flag, minor threat, etc...NOT metal core..)

We're in need of a drummer, and possibly a bassist.

Members in the band are 17 (me guitar/vocals), and 19 (my brother...temp bass / lead vocals) .

we want to gig a few times a month, and jam atleast once a week. we want to record a 8 song demo as soon as we can.

We're heavily influenced by Nirvana, Lower Class Brats, Wednesday Night Heroes, Mudhoney, Total Chaos, Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Minor THreat.

if you're interested feel free to email me @
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Aw man its too bad you live in Montreal, I live in Burlington Ontario and I've been looking for a band like this for AGES.
Hey Tell me how the search go , we are an Post Punk, Grunge Band , In Montréal, want to play gigs with similar band . You guys have a demo ?
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