Im looking for talented, dedicated musicians that are interested in joining a serious metal band in Connecticut. I myself am 18 yrs old, and have been playing guitar for about 7 or 8 yrs. I have also been writing my own material for a while. My musical interests are things such as melodic death metal, neoclassical metal/classical, black metal, progressive metal, thrash metal, ect. (pretty much anything.) I also have access to a recording studio free of charge that is equipped with pro tools and professional equipment.

Must have/be:
- pro/semi-pro gear for your instrument.
- ready for gigs.
- open mind and creative abilities.
- possible transportation(can be worked out if needed)
- dedicated/serious, talented, personality.
- age preference- 16-30(flexible)

If you have any questions or are skeptical about my abilities you can contact me via email at xXmettalheadXx@netscape.net or my AIM screenname is xXmettalheadXx
me and a couple of my friends were looking to start a metal band actually
and we know a great screamer but hes sort of a spaz

well talk
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