It's called the Pisiform Bone. It is the ball-like bone, in your wrist, straight below the pinky. Another way to explain where it is would be to say that it is dirrectly opposite of the base of the thumb.

The problem with it is, it seems to get in the way when I pick. This severely limits my ability to palm mute to only the 5th or 6th strings. The reason is, when I pick, I hold my wrist close to the guitar and when I get past the 5th string trying to palm mute, it hits the bridge. How could fix it? I've tried to move my wrist up, but that cripples my picking horribly. This is extremely irritating and I know it's making my picking sloppy.
Could you maybe post pics and/or videos? That would be immeasurably helpful...
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Could you maybe post pics and/or videos? That would be immeasurably helpful...

Could you tell me how I can attatch photos to forum posts. Then I will, gladly. PM if possible please.
yea, i can't get it in my head how that could get in the way, to post a pic the best way is to upload it to photobucket or something like that and then paste the link in here
Alright, I just read your description carefully and I know the bone you are talking about. Having carefully analyzed my picking technique (read: thought about it for 5 seconds), I think I know what your problem is. Looking at my own hand, that bone only really seems to stick out when your hand is angled backwards. So if your hand is level with your arm, it shouldn't be a problem. When my hand is in the picking shape that bone is barely noticeable, as it is covered by my flesh. So unless your bone is particularly large or you're particularly skinny it shouldn't be a problem. And I mean really skinny. I'm a fairly skinny guy and I don't have a problem with it. The last thing I can think of is possibly your hand is too far forwards. Move it back a bit so the bone is on the bridge or behind it even.

There, technique recommendations from a technique n00b. Hope that helps.
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