Hi, I've only been playing electric guitar for a couple of days, learning very basic chords, rythms, and scales. I'm kinda overwhelmed with all that is needed to learn to be able to be a proficient guitar player. I have the drive and motivation, as have been playing nonstop until my fingers fall off, but am confused as to where my direction should be. I'm looking for a couple of books to help me out. I want to learn the right way, as I know how to read tabs but I want to understand basic music theory and to understand my instrument. I was thinking of getting a book or two and was hoping you guys could give me some suggestions. I would like a book that starts off from the beginning but eventually goes in detail and teaches well. I trust your judgement

I was thinking of going with these:




thoughts, suggestions? I just want to cover it all, I'm thirsty for knowledge!
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I first learned on the Hal Leonard books but they are best suited if you want to learn to read music. I would encourage you to start here with these free video tutorials that are really good. They helped me alot more then a book but whatever suits you best.
I was thinking of going with the hal leonard series with books 1,2,3 and the CD's... does it introduce theory well, and cover it enough, or should i also purchase a supplement for in-depth music theory reference?