Ok, guys my birthday was in april and I had turned 13, so we went to guitarcenter and found this nice 50th anniversary mexican strat from 95, when I was born. It was used, it had wear marks abnd everything, so we bought it. But I wanna try scalloped necks, and so far that I know of, there is no where to try any. So, should I see about replacing the neck. The store scallops it for you for 50 bucks, and there the 2nd best luthiers in the country, it is so cheap because my father knows them. SO should I replace the neck?
Your 13? And you're on this site?

And try a scalloped neck before you do it, some people love them and others hate them.
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Find someone with scallopped frets, ask them bout them,, ask bout the goods and bads bout them, try them with stuff you can play and well you decide after that, and justwondering, might be wrong place to ask but.

Do scallpped frets affect your tone?
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if your really hell bent on it, DONT do it to the stock neck. get another neck and do it to that one
Go on Ebay, buy another stock fender neck and then have that neck scalloped incase you dont like it, as Nakon said. It would suck to ruin such a nice guitar.
where do u live
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