So a while back I got a Digitech BP50 FX processor. I like the effects, they sound alright and are fun to mess with. The problem? noise+tone suck. Its very noisy and sucks a lot of tone because it lacks true bypass. I don't know anything about modding or soldering or anything (I did rewire my bass but just with electrical tape and speaker wire till I got someone to do it right) so I'd prefer to not mod the thing.

I need true bypass. Any combination of splitters/AB-Y switches/other such things that could get me bypass without a mod?
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what you could do is get something like a Boss LS-2 and do something like this:


This way you can just cut past the BP50 when it isnt being used.
use an A/B pedal or a true bypass looper. (not the kind that records your playing so you can jam over it.)
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a bypass box will do the trick. they are easy to make and shouldnt cost more than a few bucks in parts.
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Just search for bypass box wiring diagrams on google.
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