So I got this new Gibson SG Faded guitar and I really love it, buuuuut

I can't put the volume past like 1 1/2 while playing or I get a terrible buzz sound (the buzz on volume 1 1/2 is bad but not as bad as say... 2?)

Anyway, I'm kinda working with a tight space and I love to play guitar at the computer, and that may be my problem? (I think)

I heard monitors will create a terrible buzz but this is a flat-screen LCD, and from what I have learned they don't interfere with the pickups that much. However, is it possible that my computer or something else is fudging with my guitar??

I'm plugged into an RP80 pedal into my computer (playing out of the speakers) or my blues jr, and either one I play will give me a wretched buzzing sound that gives me a lot of frustration (plus the fact I'm learning a song without luck)

Anyway, any help would be perfect, and I'm not used to high quality pickups (my squier strat barely gives me any buzz at all ): ) Is it a combination of pickups + moniter or maybe something else in my room? (I'm rambling on again )

Any help is appreciated and thanks UG,

What is the grounding inside the guitar?

I'm a guitar newb, I don't know the technological stuff as well as the musical part yet >.<;