Hey guys. I'm looking for a versatile overdrive pedal that can tighten up my already distorted tone, as well as give me good overdrive sounds on a clean channel. I already have a tube amp (ENGL Straight, it's been compared to a Blackmore and a Mark IV), and I play anything from Death Metal to Jazz. My budget is around $150, but I could add more if it's completely necessary.

Here are the one's I'm looking at at the moment:

Barber Direct Drive
Barber Small Fry
Barber LTD
Catalinbread Silver Kiss
Catalinbread Teaser Stallion
Cusack Screamer
T-Rex Alberta or Mudhoney (only if they're really REALLY worth it)
Maxon 808

I know it's a long list, but if you've ever used any of these please let me know. You can, of course suggest anything that's not already there. Thanks guys!

Oh, I forgot to mention. Some people have suggested I get one made from some users here, but that might be sort of hard because this is going to be given to me as a B-day present.
Does the OCD work well as a clean boost? Also, is the Fulldrive 2 Mosfet much better? It's not that much more than the OCD...
I heard some clips on the OCD, but I don't think it's what I'm looking for. The od pedal won't be the main source of gain for my amp. I just want to tighten up my sound, but it'd be nice if I can also use it as a medium gain channel kind of thing, because my amp doesn't really get into the blues/classic rock zone.
tubescreamer is a great clean boost, ocd is better drive

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

Cool, so if I'm looking for an od that works as a great clean boost, I should stick to tubescreamers and their clones?
The 808 style screamers work as a better boosts than the TS9's because the 808's are cleaner.

However, I do recommend Maxon over Ibanez. Maxon is true bypass, and they are built to the specs of the original ibanez tubescreamers...as Maxon was the actual company to produce them.

You might want to consider some sort of clean boost, such as a Micro Amp or something similar. The OCD get's pretty clean as well, none of the clips use it as a boost, they're all using it as an overdrive.
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Yea, I wasn't considering Ibanez because of that. Maxon seems better. I'm also looking at the Cusack Screamer. It's supposedly a TS clone but better. Anyone used it before?