I had an epiphone aj-1 that I picked up last february to learn how to play but recently it was stolen.
Now I have to decide what kind of new guitar to get. I want the next guitar to last me forever and still be happy with the way it plays and sounds even when I get much older and more experienced. I would like to keep the cost below $500 but would be willing to wait a little longer and spend a bit more if I really feel like I need to.
I'm planning on going to the guitar store and playing a few when I get another day off, but I need to know some suggestions of what to look at. I dont really know a whole lot about acoustics but just want something with a nice mellow warm tone thats going to be smooth and easy to play. Any suggestions?
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I'ma really fond of taylors myself

yea i've played one before and it felt awesome, however not too many taylors can be had for under $500.
if you want a guitar to last a lifetime than i think you would need more than 500 bucks... maybe... But a nice taylor would do wonders....
check out the Epiphone Masterbilts. all of the 500M models are 500 and below i believe. there really all great guitars, i picked up a EF-500M last week and i love it...They seem very sturdy and it isnt cheaply made at all. atleast it doesn't feel like it is. hope this helped.
near this price range an epiphone masterbilt would probably be your best bet.
i was actually looking at those epiphone masterbuilt ones. i'll see if i can try one out at the music store sometime.
I got mine for 400(and loving it)! There should be a sale coming up this weekend and Im pretty sure The masterbuilts are going to be marked down.
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I would go for Ovation...one of my toppers!also usable on stage or in studio...

Epiphone masterbilt,my friend
Or maybe something second hand?

PS. The missing "u" in masterbilt REALLY annoys me.