I got tired of having my combo amp on the ground and not being able to hear it and having to bend down to always adjust it. I looked at amp stands and other solutions but in the end I decided to build a bottom cabinet for the stacked look.

The combo amp is nothing too special, just an '80s Peavey Special solid state. With 120w of power it's plenty loud though!

The original cabinet is made out of particle board so I just went with MDF for this cab. I didn't feel the need to go crazy with high grade plywood. I used a similar construction as the original cab as well. The only difference is the baffle on the original is held in place using a dado joint. For my cabinet I secured it to a 1x frame secured to the inside of the cab.

The tolex for the new cab isn't an exact match (couldn't find the '80's Peavey tolex anywhere) so I went with one close in color and graining, not like anyone except me will ever notice. The grill cloth is an exact match though (Fender Black).

I haven't actually tested the speaker yet as the speaker I used has a bad voice coil. It's serving it's purpose as a "prop" right now but eventually I'll get a good speaker for the cab. I'm curious as to how it will sound.

So for $80-100 in materials and a few hours of my time I think it turned out pretty good for my first attempt. I was also able to make a simple pedal board out of the left over MDF and some speaker cloth/rug/covering I had lying around from an old truck box build, but I don't have photos of that yet. I ordered parts for a looper that I'm to build for it, then I'll take photos.

Here's all the materials:

Rough box build and orders rounded:

Test fit the speaker:

New cabinet covered side by side with the original:

Back of cabinet:

Completed with the grill and logo:
You did a great job matching it to the original. Very clean looking construction too.
Thanks everyone. I've done a lot carpentry wise but never tried to build something like this. Tolexing it was the trickiest part I think, making the seam invisible and getting the corners nice (although not too big of a deal since I have corners covering them anyway).
Wow that is really really good for a first cab!
Looks like it was made by Peavey.
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dude that looks awesome... any pics of the internal construction?
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