i have an epi les paul standard, and i'd like to know if i could take the covers off so i could have open coils. I see the wax around the inside of the pickup and it looks like 4 screws and solder might be keeping the cover on. Is this possible?
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as a general rule of doing ANYTHING with a guitar, if you dont know what you're doing, DONT DO IT, dont risk damaging the guitar. Personally i dont know how to do that.
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anything's possible. take it into the store and ask first see what they think. If they don't say no right away then you probably can
Epiphphone pickups are petty much throw-away pups anyway.
Go for it, but try some heat to make sure the way doesn't pull anything off.
Hair dryer should help.

If you screw up, you're out 60 bucks for a set of GFS, and they'll be a vast improvement anyway.
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The Epi standard pups are actually nice. They are wound hot and have the alnico magnet. I like the way they sound. I have them in another guitar right not, since I put SD alnico's in my LP.

You can remove the cover fairly easily. There are no screws just cut the solder with a dremel. You wont be able to heat it up enough to melt the solder, without damaging the pup. You can heat it and use a screwdriver to gently pry the solder joint apart to free it up.Once its cut It should pull off. I took mine off, to make it easy, after the solder is cut, unscrew the adjustment screws on the poles a few turns then push them in while holding the cover. It should pop right out. Clean the wax off and you are done. If you mess it up which is really hard you can get another one on E-Bay for $10.