custom parts-o-caster

body and neck are from Metal Shop Music & Fender® licensed

here's a link to their store..


Flame 2 tone Fender® licensed Ash body

This is a Brand New Fender® licensed replacement BODY designed for Fender bolt on guitars, however it will fit any standard 2 3/16th neck pocket. It is made of the finest quality solid American Ash with REAL flamed maple top.

It is finished with 11 coats of oil based poly lacquer and is wet sanded between each application. It has the standard arm countour and tummy cut the Strat style body is known for and is designed to exact Fender specs.

The pickup routing is universal so it will accomidate S/S/S, H/H, S/S/H, H/S/H or even single hum configaration.

* -Solid American Ash
* -2 3/16" Neck Pocket
* -LifetimeWarranty!
* -Pre Drilled Neck Mount Holes

Birdseye Maple Fender® licensed Neck

This is a Brand New Fender® licensed replacement neck designed for Fender bolt on guitars, however it will fit any standard 2 3/16th neck pocket. It is made of the finest Northern Michigan & Canadian Hard Rock Maple. Completely shaped, fretted, inlaid and finished with a clear satin lacquer. Fully equipped with adjustable truss rod, side fretboard dot markers, and finished nickel frets.

* -9.5” Radius
* -Beautiful Birdseye Maple Fretboard
* -Standard Fender “C” Shape
* -Dual Action Truss Rod
* -22 Medium Jumbo Nickel Frets
* -25.5” Scale
* -Black Marker Inlays
* -1 11/16 ” Pre-Slotted Nut
* -2 3/16" Neck Heel
* -LifetimeWarranty!
* -3/8" Tuning Peg Holes

Wilkinson Bridge 2 point

Sperzel Locking Tuners

Roller String Tree's

Schaller strap locks


Neck / Middle Fender Noiseless

Bridge JB Jr

500k pots

thing screams and stays in tune very well,









comes with a Fender Gig bag..

looking for a Schecter Classic, Tele FMT or LP Studio..

thanks for looking..
where abouts are you?
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What would you like to trade?
I have a good tube amp you may like.
Call me Wes.
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umm, i'm not sure whether your shop thing is against the rules, but just in case i don't think you're supposed to have ebay links of any kind. i could be wrong though...
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