Ok, I have a normal 60w amp. Its nice and all, but I would like it to be louder. It has 2 8" in it. I was wondering if I could make a small cabinet and pop some tweeters and woofers in there and hook it up along with my normal speakers, or would this be too much of a load for it?
Does your amp have an output for speakers? What is the speaker impedance in Ohms (omega symbol, probably 4, 8, or 16) that your amp is designed for. Impedance is actually more important than wattage. We need to know this to help you out.
What company makes the amp and speakers? Any info we can use to track down the impedance will help. Without that, I wouldn't feel safe telling you what speakers you can use without risking damage to the amp.
It's not an issue of the physical size or even wattage of the speakers. The main concern is impedance. Impedance means resistance to the flow of electricity and it is measured in ohms (omega symbol). If you use speakers with resistance that is too low, they will allow too much current to pass through your amplifier and could burn it up. But if you put speakers with too much impedance, that's no good either.
If you can figure out either what the amp is rated for (probably 4 ohms, 8 ohms, 16 ohms, or some combination of those) or figure out the impedance of the current speakers, then we're golden.