Hey guys,

Uploaded a new song today. This one was inspired by my lame computer crashing. I was working on fixing one of my other songs and my computer crashed. While it was rebooting I came up with this riff.

Hope you like it. Give me the truth please!!



Nice playing man!
I liked the rhythm tone a lot & that riff was good and catchy. The mid-point breakdown was nice as well. Good controlled/smooth leadwork. The only thing that I even semi-missed, was a part that really took off...but that's just a personal pref/ADD sorta thing. LOL
It was all very good, IMO.

I really like this, the recording quality is pretty fantastic. I get the impression you've been doing this for a while. Just some great guitar work, and a great groove going on. I'm especially fond of that part from about 2:00 onwards. Really epic but so simple. Pretty awesome, great job.
that really gives me a satch feeling, including your technique man.

the rythm track is often overlooked in most songs, but with the combination of the bass, rythm guitar, and drums, accompyaning eachother on a killer riff, it really sticks out, without taking anything way from the lead.

the main riff is sounds like "cherry pie" and "cult of personality" had... carnal knowledge of eachother.

Quote by epitaph0x

the main riff is sounds like "cherry pie" and "cult of personality" had... carnal knowledge of eachother.

Now that's funny!! You're absolutely right. I never thought about either one of those songs when writing it. It just goes to show that you get your influences from just about everything!!


That was rock win. I enjoyed that lot lol.
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Same great recording quality as the other song. This song was a bit more complex and the lead sounded really tight. Nice job on the drums again, they match the song well.

Thanks again for listening to mine, keep up the good work
Just a quick thanks to everyone for listening to my music. I try real hard to do a decent job on my songs, and it's nice to know some people other than me can appreciate that...

I've gotten more responces from this site than I've ever gotten in my life!!

UG F****** Rocks!!!

Thanks again.

Catchy riff, good riffing, and also, your tone is good, some good soloing work, and the change at 1:20 just fits so well, I was air druming along lol. Again, some more catchy, good soloing, I especially liked the part at 2:13, and the part after that too, and then coming back to the original riff at the end was a cool idea.

Care to crit my other one?
WOW! That was unbelievable! The opening riff was tremendous and powerful with some really clean soloing over the top! There is really nothing that i can point out that i don't especially like... the tones sounded great and clean.

And because I envy your sound so much:

Do you use a drum machine? If so, which one?
You said you use Cubase; what version and how do you produce such a great tone? Do you mic your amp? Go straight in?

If you have time you can answer these through a private message!

Thanks for the crit!