I'm having a problem getting the THD Hot Plate to work with my amp. I'm using a Fender re-issue '57 Deluxe rated at 8 ohms, along with the 8 ohm hot plate. I connected the speaker from my combo in to one of the speaker outputs of the hot plate. I then connected a speaker cable in to the input of the Hot Plate and in to the output of the '57 Deluxe. When the amp is on everything is silent, except for when the Hot Plate is set to -0dB, in which case there is a very very small amount of noise when playing guitar. All other dB settings are completely silent. I've tried messing with every nob on the hot plate and my amp and can't get anything to happen. Am I doing something wrong? Is it possible the Hot Plate is defective? Thanks!
i would contact the company.
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have you got your amp turned up loud? the whole point of the attenuator is to make the amp quieter... it may sound obvious but just in case...