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For me:

Arizona - Kings of leon
It's so relaxing and calm. I love the guitars and the song structure. Ahmazing.

Wierd fishes/Apreggi - Radiohead
I love the layering on this song. I just get lost in it. Great lyrics too. And the little keyboard bit near the end is really good.

Going to california - Led Zeppelin (HTWWW Version)
just cause.

The will be heartache,
there will be rain,
and joy I can't explain.
Anything by Minus The Bear or The Postal Service. All their music is soo relaxing. Also, Good to Know That If I Ever Need Attention All I Have To Do Is Die by Brand New.
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Opeth - Damnation.

And if I want to have freaky dreams for kicks - Disillusioned - Gloria
My Project Playlists...Check them out on my profile and that's the music I go to sleep to...
"The Good Thing About Music Is, When It Hits You, You Feel No Pain" - Bob Marley
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Rush - The Trees
Pink Floyd - Time, and Great Gig In The Sky

Slow songs, also calming
For some reason, I put Dream Theater's Systematic Chaos on, and I can fall asleep around Constant Motion or Dark Eternal Night. I can never make it to Repentence.
dragonforce and pantera, idk y, but they relax me and put me to sleep
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Electric Tears - Buckethead
that album is ****ing perfect for sleeping

any tool album will do it for me too, but in that case its usually Lateralus
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Reflection- Tool
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Either 10,000 Days or Lateralus by the almighty TOOL
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For some reason, I put Dream Theater's Systematic Chaos on, and I can fall asleep around Constant Motion or Dark Eternal Night. I can never make it to Repentence.

What?! they are the two heaviest songs on there!
The will be heartache,
there will be rain,
and joy I can't explain.
Led Zeppelin's No Quarter for me.

De Lobo Y Hombre

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I listen to a variety of music to put me to sleep. It all depends on my mood.

Black Sabbath
Dimmu Borgir
3 Inches of Blood
Janis Joplin
The Doors
Michael Oldfield
Various classical composers

I listen to the entire album. Nothing beats an album.
the water disc from Thrice's The Alchemy Index. if you hear the songs you'd understand why its easy to fall asleep to.
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I stopped listening to music in my sleep after I kept losing the earpieces for my earphones. But when I did, the music really depended on my mood.

The best sleep I've ever had though was listening to Planet Caravan by Black Sabbath.
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godspeed you! black emperor and sigur ros
Hate to be the buzzkill here but it isn't healthy to go to sleep with music on. You do not get a good enough rest.
How has i cum blood not been mentioned? Personally i play Opeth

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most of the hush sound's "so sudden" album.
who you all probably hate, by looking at your own choices XD
My favourite albums for lulling myself to sleep are...

Under Satanæ - Moonspell
Gothic Kabbalah - Therion
Battlecry Under a Winter Sun - 3 Inches of Blood
Sabotage - Black Sabbath
Technical Ecstasy - Black Sabbath
me vs madonna vs elvis By Brand New.
Basically anything by Brand New puts me to sleep
Sleeping at last was good for awhile, but now I know all the songs.
Explosions In the Sky
Godspeed You! Black Emporer.

Really any post - rock.
Sigur Ros- Staralfur and Saeglopur.......and I agree with the above poster, post-rock is definitely good for falling asleep
Wolves in the throne room, Silver mt. Ziob, Burzum, Windir, Durdkh, mostly simplistic drawn out stuff.
Probably Sleep Now In The Fire by RATM.

Quite self-explanatory, no?

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Any Cannibal Corpse (Yes, that includes I Cum Blood), and I'm actually not kidding. Cannibal Corpse is perfect for sleeping I know of two other peoples that sleep to Cannibal Corpse, one of them is a friend, the other is another friends aunt who is in her 50's.
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personally I had my best sleep with rambo 3 but I don't ever really sleep with much music, maybe a little pink floyd animals, or some roger waters amused to death is good.
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