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The best Yes album ever!
2 22%
Just as good a any other Yes album.
4 44%
Complete garbage!
0 0%
Never listened to it.
3 33%
Voters: 9.
One of Yes's most thought provoking albums. Some hate it while other love it. So to all the Yes fans... Which are you?
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I love it. I'm very glad that I happened to noticed this thread.

My father and his friends basically know the album's lyrics by heart (they were very into progressive rock when they were younger).

My favorite song from the album is The Revealing Science of God (Dance of the Dawn). I've always though that Rush's The Main Monkey Business had a segment very similar to the synthesizer piece following the line, "Our endless caresses for the freedom of life everlasting."
i love the album. my favorite would either be ritual or the revealing science. great album overall though. probably my favorite behind relayer.
Revealing Science and Ritual are fantastic and The Ancient and The Remembering are alright, though they have their moments (the acoustic section in The Ancient is great). With that being said, the good outweigh the average, and I think it's a very good album.
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haha, ive heard of this infamous album, haven't got it yet though.
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A lot of the reason why people didn't enjoy this album was because it wasn't very easy to listen to because the shortest song is about eighteen minutes in length.

Does anyone here think that the band could have simply split up the tracks so that if you wanted to listen to music for ten minutes or so you could get through at least one (and maybe two) songs? I mean, a lot of progressive rock songs that have different "themes", so...

Of course, splitting up the songs so that there are, say, ten different tracks is nowhere near as impressive as it is now, in that only four different songs clock in at over an hour.