Gear: 86' BC Rich Warlock Guitar & Vox DA15 Amp

Umm, what would be best for recording with a $75-$100 price range?

Should I just get a microphone, or something that plugs my guitar into the computer?

Also, my amp has a Line/Phone plug, so would I be able to plug my amp into my computer?

P.S. I'll get into brands later.
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I use a cable that goes from 1/4'' mono (guitar plug essentially) to 1/8'' mono (phone jack) and I plug my amp or effects board right into the line in/phone plug on my laptop, the cable was like $7 at Radio Shack and the software I use is Acoustica Mixcraft (which is about $60 if you upgrade from the free trial). It's a decent means of recording, not the best quality but it works.
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