I've only got the intro and the first verse riff done right now but I just wanted to post it up here and see your crits on it. The intro is a little iffy and I think that the 2 guitar solos are too much. There are a bunch of things wrong with that I'll fix later and I'll also finish the song and post it up here.
F**k, id l love to hear this recorded. This is brilliant. i love eastern sounding stuff. i only have 1 suggestion. there is alot of chug. and i love good chug but i think there is too much in this song. its takeing away from the rest of the song
this has great potential i think, you have some really good riffs

for improvement, add other instruments, also, don't suddenly have one guitar soloing with no backing, it loses the force of the song [eg, bars 27-30]

but keep working on it, i want to hear what it'll sound like finished =]

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F**king awesome, man. It does lose some steam near the end, that 11/8 riff didn't fit the feel as well, and some of the transitions were kind of sudden, but man, the first half kicks ass beyond words. Everything is perfect. I did like the 2nd solo (the one at the very end) much better than the first - even if the scale sounded middle eastern, nonstop 16th notes don't really fit. Anyway, complete this and you have a masterpiece.