A few days ago I posted about a guitar I was considering. I made the leap today, it's my second electric guitar in four months. This was a much better buy than my first. It cost me $75. It's awesome for the price, better than many of the $400 MIM Strats I tried at GC in my opinion. Great neck, set-up by a guy who now builds his own. It was made in July 1996. Check it out and tell me what you think.

how does it sound? It looks like a nice guitar. It probably plays good and thats a good deal man.
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I hate that headstock. I have a 1980 Epi Strat myself that plays like a dream. I get some comments from American Fender players, but once they feel the neck and hear how warm it sounds for a plywood guitar, they shut up.
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It sounds excellent unplugged. I've only had her plugged in for a few minutes. I'm still in the getting to know her phase, and I can give a better answer after a week or so.

As for the headstock, I only wish it was unpainted, otherwise the shape has grown on me already.

Plugged her in tonight. Sounds very good. I really like the bridge pick-up on this guitar. I may find I'm not completely satisfied with the pup's eventually, but for now they're good enough. I probably would get a tube amp, before I bother with them.