Latin Rock and Blues type stuff lately. Stuff like Los Lobos and Los Lonely Boys (yes they are blues, if you don't believe me, check this out!). What do you guys think of this kind of music, and do you have any suggestions of other artists I would like?

"Blues is what you got when everything else is
gone." - J.Lansdowne
Love it. Santana of course.
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well, Los Lonely Boys guitarist is heavily influenced by Stevie Ray Vaughan, such as Kenny Wayne Shepherd is. Is you are listening to Los Lobos, I recommend Santana, and if you like some of Los Lobos more latin sounding music, try Jimmie Vaughan.
Yeah, hes very SRVish, but still refreshingly different. He is one of my favorites, Henry Garza is his name I think. Have you heard Dime mi amor? That song kicks ass.
"Blues is what you got when everything else is
gone." - J.Lansdowne
It does kick ass.

My personal favorite of LLB = Onda. Amazing tone in my opinion. I was actually lucky enough to see LLB and Santana in the same concert (LLB opening of course).

Santana's stuff is great.

Believe it or not I like it when he collaborates with newer artists (Everlast, Dido, etc.)
I have learned so freakin much from those simple little guitar riffs / lines. Feels Like Fire is definitely at my top along with Put Your Lights On
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I haven't heard much Latin Blues.

I have heard an abundance of Mariachi music, though. And Cumbia's. And other stuff. Lots and lots of that stuff. (I am also part tejano. Along with my blackness.)
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I haven't heard much Latin Blues.

Regrettably, neither have I. Santana consists of essentially 95% of the Latin blues and jazz I have listened to, so my Latin music is very much limited to that particular band.

I'm going to try listening to Stan Getz as Axegrinder#9 suggests. My father much of his discography, so it's readily available to me.
Mostly listen to Santana, but when I heard Los Lobos (I believe) on the Crossroads Festival, I figured I s'more CD's to add to my book-case. I just haven't had the time to check 'em out, but I always did like Latin-ish music.