Heres a pedal of interest.


four questions

I have a Boss DD5 and i cant do some of the stuff on this demo with it , why is this pedal so much bettor? in a ebay website they go for 50 bucks a pop and it says its got all analog chips and carries a tube.

second question is an unknown brand like this thats 50 bucks a pedal worth giving a shot.

if i get it and its not a total bust how can i lower the delay time 1100 seems like alot of delay. i doubt its that long its probly 1000 max even then its pushing the limit. Ive also seen some reviews on Harmony central there was just one guy who had it and crapped out on him the others said it was awesome. the repeats sound much bettor on this than on my boss.

should i get this or stick with my boss, what can you guys say from the pedal as far as the video goes. I dont think its got a tube in it, the tube there talking about i think refers to one of there other pedals.


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I've never heard of Biyang b4. Some guys on harmony-central got mixed feelings on it. I'd take a chance on it if I wasn't committed to buying a bunch of other equipment already.
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This one seems pretty interesting aswell its a distortion pedal.

ill buy one first and see how it works out. that sounds pretty damn good if you ask me.
it just growls at you. its ganna be my first Distortion pedal cause the onboards distortion sucks. Im thinking of running everything trough an FX loop or just on the clean channell.
theyre all analog and seem to be built pretty good, hopefully its not just chinese crap.
And i dont care if its made in china hell if they could build rockets and go to space im pretty sure they could make a descent box.
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