It's a 1996 Limited Edition, it's kinda battered, but in a natural cool way, it's chiped and theres dings in the back of the body,and the paint has faded so it's not as bright,which is good in this case. They want $350 for it and it comes with a hardshell case, it is worth it? I've heard the 90's LP where better than the new ones,it's either gonna be this or a new Ebony LP Standard. Oh and it's a nice greenish dark bluesunburst.
dude, negative. get the Ebony Standard. Thats WAYYY too much for that guitar. $120 at MOST.
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u should try it and see how it feels first but it sounds like a badass deal, if u like the way it feels/sounds (and les pauls usually kickass at that) then u should go for it
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It's good for the economy.

Play both...

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I'd probably give it a miss.
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