this is a nice mellow song. On the Reality Tour DVD there's an acoustic version played with an electric guitar with a simulated tone. Great song to sing while drunk! In the video, guitarist Gerry Leonard uses a capo at the first fret and some looped delayed notes. So come on guitar players! Let's figure it out
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I guess it takes a keyboard player to get a reply... Here you go:

Capo on 1st.

Intro & verse ([I]watching them come and go[/I] etc):

  Bm arpeggio over chord progression Bm F#m G A

Prechorus ([I]but if you pray [/I] etc): 

  Gm Dm C Cm
  Am Em Cm7 D7

Chorus ([I]prayers, the hide the saddest view[/I] etc)

  G A
  Gm A

Instrumental between chorus 1 & verse 2:

  Bm arpeggio over Bm only, then F#m without arpeggio

Cheers, - Jon -
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