alright, so I have an old acoustic that, sadly, took a fall today. the neck is broken up at like a 20 degree angle from the body, and one of the tuning pegs broke off. this guitar is like early 60's, maybe 50's acoustic and it has a slotted headstock. it was the first guitar I had so I want to fix it. any tips on how to fix the neck and replace the tuner?
so the neck is broken? like when you break a wooden baseball bat broken? there really isn't any fixing a broken neck if thats how its broken. as for the tuner you can just buy a new one and install it yourself as far as i know.
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Anyway... a neck+tuner replacement isnt something you should do on your own. Take it to a shop and have them try to fix it. Your guitar may not be worth the price of the fix though. Depending on the neck joint, it could become quite costly. Bolt-on necks are cheaper, but I dont believe they used those in the early 60's(I might be mistaken though).
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^ +1 on the pit crowd comment -- If the guitar has sentimental value, I'd say fix it. If it's a pretty clean break it'll be easier. I'm not sure, but it sounds like it may be broken along the scarf joint which if it is, should be no problem to fix. Just make sure you collect as many little pieces of broken wood as you can.

Edit: You may want to have this done professionally. I've never seen a neck that wasn't repaired by a professional look like anything other than an amatuer repair. If you do it yourself, you can get a solid bond, but I would doubt that you'd be completely happy with the way it looks.
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