So I have a Valve junior head that can run at 4,8, or 16 ohms (has three separate inputs) and I have the valve junior cab to at 16 ohms rated for 70W.

I also have this RMS combo amp that is 30W (I don't think that matters) and 8 ohms and it has two separate 1/4" jacks in the back one for an external speaker and one for a line out. It also has a CD/line in spot where there is one red and one white 1/8" adaptor. It also has a foot-switch input but that shouldn't matter either.

What I want to do is run the junior through it's cab and also the speaker of the RMS without having any of the settings from the RMS effect the sound (unless i can't then whatever I wanna try it anyways). Everything i run through in my head just doesn't seem to work out, how would i do this?
If possible try this, Run the combo amp into the head if it has an insert plugin and then run the head into the cab. If the settings and tone and everything is the same and sounds the same for both amps it'll work just fine.
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Besides the input for guitar and the three separate inputs for different impedances there aren't any other inputs on the head and if i ran the RMS through the Head and then a cab wouldn't that be sending an amplified signal to the head (which is only 5W (loud as as hell for 5W)) which could be bad since the RMS can dish out way more than the VJ can handle?
You need to add a 1/4 inch jack to the combos speaker(s) to make it usable as a cab. Direct to the speakers. You do not want to run one amp into another, that = bad idea.
well I figured that much running an amplified signal into another amplifier is definitely a bad idea. The MAIN thing i am trying to figure out is how to i run my head through two cabs, since the cab only has one input and eventhough my head has three outputs i'm pretty sure i'm only supposed to use one at a time (the 4, 8, or 16 ohm) and to take that a step further how to use my second combo as that second cap since the only inputs it has is one for an external speaker and one for a line out. It also has a CD/line in spot where there is one red and one white 1/8" adaptor. And of course it has the guitar input but I don't think that is the way i am supposed to go about hooking the combo up as a cab.
I just looked at the back of the RMS combo and saw that the speaker was connected by a couple of small wires and those run up into the closed off wirings of the SS combos "head" is that a problem since what i ideally need is just to plug the VJ into the speaker of the combo?