So I've got two little 15 watt practice amps that have both just kind of crapped out on me. And I've been thinking about trying to repair them now that I have plenty of time due to the whole summer thing.

On one the motherboard has disconnected and the other just makes a really washed out bass sound no matter what I play in it. So I was just curious as to what people knew or thought about amp repair.
get a tube amp, and if that breaks learn to fix that i wouldnt waste my time on a solid state
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SS can be a real pain to fix unless its something obvious. If its a chip testing could be a serious problem. And cheap practice amps everything will soldered in no sockets for easy transistor or chip removal. I fixed one of my SS amps but it was obvious what was wrong when one of the control pots fell out and the leads to the board were broke that was a good place to start. Otherwise I would have left it alone.
yeah, in a valve amp if something goes wrong you can have a pretty good bet its a valve

in SS you haven't got a clue
Don't listen to anyone up there (except Tackleberry). THey have no clue what they're talking about. Tube amps are MUCH harder to fix if something other than a tube is at fault, and it could even kill you if it has power tubes (preamp tubes aren't as bad, but can still give a nasty shock).

Please give a detailed description and pics. You didn't give very much info in your OP.
If you've already got the SS amps, why not at least take a look at them! (and post pics for us)
The most important thing to remember when working on amps is DRAIN YOUR CAPACITORS! Unless of course you enjoy burnt flesh and possible death...
cedricsmods..It's a SS 15 watt. nothing will kill him there...Not a 100 watt All tube or something..

Definitly try to fix them! if it gets down to testing chips though, that sucks, say **** it and do something cool with your amp, swap parts, etc.

more like if you enjoy a shock across the heart/blown up arm/ Face blown apart.

Yes I've heard/seen that happening..
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Well, circuit wise, straight SS (that means no digital modelling or DSP) is just as easy to fix as tubes, as long as you have the right schematic. Preventive measure should still be applied.

However, if the amp is class D, or modelling amp... you are out of luck.
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Ok I'm in class right now but I'll try to get some pictures up when I get home to give you guys a better idea. Thanks for the help! I definitely want to mess around with them and see what I can do. And if I can't fix both of them maybe take working parts from both and make one working Frankenstein.
I know a practice SS amp won't kill anybody, but it's best to start good habits. I've been nearly knocked over by a 5 watt tube amp before, and had capacitors explode on me. Yay for wearing glasses!