How does the Music Man Stingray compare to the OLP version? Obviously the Music Man is better but how good is the OLP in terms of tone and playability? Also the OLP that I might get only has one pick-up so is it possible to get a thumb rest put on it?
OLP Stingrays, imho, are good starter basses and have that distinctive sound of the humbucker bite / growl, but they are quite a ways away from the actual EBMM model. If you are looking to get a second bass, I'd say to save up and start looking for a used SUB instead.
There's an MM22 or something like that, it's got 2 pickups and it's active. I've been trying to talk myself in to buying one, but I'm a bit put off by the fact the MM3 I had a while ago was crap, it was mainly due to the state it came out of the factory in tho, their not all bad
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