I currently have a Marshall DSL 401 tube amp. I love the distortion it has. However, the clean isn't all that great. I just played a Fender Hod Rod Deluxe today at GC and was BLOWN AWAY. So sick!!!! I love the clean on it LIKE CRAZY, and the overdrive was really sweet.

I am wandering if I should sell the marshall and get the fender. I know the marshall will have better distortion for heavier music, but would a few distortion pedals take care of that with the Fender? I like classic rock like ACDC, Zep, Black Sabbath, as well as some new stuff like Coheed and Cambria and RHCP, also I love jimi hendrix.

BUT, I won't just be playing classic rock. I am just now getting into blues and the marshall is kinda weak for that. And I play on the clean channel 1/2 the time. What should I do? I am really leaning towards the Fender, it was just so amazing and even louder.

PS. does anyone know what type of effects loop the hot rod deluxe has? The dsl 401 has a freakin parallel.
you could always buy the fender and get something like the Mi Audio Crunch box, which is often refered to as a marshall in a stompbox
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Get the HRDx, and an OD pedal. I love how the Hot Rod amps sound! I think the Deluxe has a parallel effect loop. Don't quote me on this though.
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What do you play more of, cleans or crunch. I have a DSL100, cleans are alright. I wouldn't call them bad but not fender clean. I think the marshall is great for blues. I like heavier blues.

If you play clean more, if thats your main or most comon sound go for the fender. If not I would keep the DSL. I cant tell you what a fender amp would sound like with a stompbox.

Good Luck with your choice.
I play both cleans and crunch the same amount.
What suprised me though, was that the crunch on the fender reminded me of a plexi, and I loved playing hendrix on it. Definately sounded better for hendrix than the marshall (to My ears).

However, I do play alot of heavy stuff. But if a pedal would give me the sound I need, I would buy the fender in a heartbeat.

If worse comes to worse, I would keep the marshall and save for a used Hot Rod Deluxe. That would probably be my ultimate setup. But once again, if I can achieve the tone I need for heavier stuff using pedals with the fender, then I would have no need for the marshall.
Maybe you should do that. Try and but the fender, and have them both. Or at least compare them and see what you want to go with. Use musiciansfriends 30 or 45 day return policy. Get the amp and a pedal on a card and return it after a couple weeks. If you like it keep it or return it and go used.
try the hot rod deville, the 4 10 version imo has better distortion and brighter tone. it might be exactly what you're looking for to split the difference
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well its sounds to me, since you like the sound of the drive on the fender, that you prefer the fender. i suggest getting it then. its a very nice amp. ive toured with mine and have used it on professional recordings.
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