my uncle korky runs this awesome guitar school out of leeds, utah (the academy at the electric theater) and i get to visit about once a year. i am a beginner in a large way when it comes to guitar, my only guitar untill recently was a kona acoustic with a single cutout style body. i talked a lot about the guitar with korky on our last visit (a week ago) and he told me some pretty cool things, taught me how to palm mute, and some other things you just can't pick up on your own. anyway, when we were about to leave his school to go back home (slogging by car back up to sandy, oregon) he told us to wait inside while he got us some school t-shirts. when we got to the car, the shirts in question where there- inside a peavey guitar case, along with a golden gretsch 'synchromatic' electric guitar. i cried a little, coming from a house where the money for food is utilitarian and the guitar budget is zero. but i have a few questions on getting started- i have no amps, picks, etc. i have never played electric guitars until kork let me try his fender strat, and i don't know anything about the anatomy of an electric beyond the location and variety of the pickups and the other things you find on an acoustic.
so i have a few questions and one or two concerns. first the questions; what do the knobs near the bottom of the guitar do? i know about the volume knob, but the others are killing me just trying to figure out.
and what gear should a beginner buy? i need low budget stuff, less than 100$ and the pawn shop is my friend. and some concerns- the knobs are doing this thing where you twist them to the edge of there movement range, then they keep going- i took off the cover on the back, and it's the housings for the knobs that turn once the knob goes to the end of it's range. and one of the knobs has a little white wire that is severed. i'm going to take it to the music store to get it checked out unless you guys know a way i can fix it at home. (keep in mind i don't solder and i'm 16 YO)

also- what stuff should i learn first? maybe this belongs in a different board, but i'm learning the ELECTRIC guitar. i know how to read tab mostly (i understand how to play all the symbols and where to put my hands) and i can play glycerine, the world at large, smells like teen spirit and teardrop by massive attack. so what techniques do i need to pick up to understand and play more songs? anything helps-
Please go and read the sticky that says guitar info. All of your answers are in there.

First thing you should buy is a pick, you can get a used amp for under $100 probably, check out websites like craigslist.

One last thing, paragraphs are you friend, so is grammar and capital letters.

Congrats of the new guitar, although its going to be tough to play songs you like based on the ones you already learned because its a jazz hollowbody guitar.
thanks on all of those fronts- you guys are all pretty helpful. i'm reading said sticky.
craigslist isn't an option, but i'll work somthing out.
and does the jazz-iness of the guitar mean that i can't play the same music or use the same effects/pedals that other musicians do? i don't think so, but you're the boss.
No but the pickups aren't going to allow you to try and play distorted hard rock or anything. Sure you can use a distortion pedal and a reverb pedal but it won't be as easy to play.

Why isn't craigslist an option? Oregon has craigslist.
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parents= t3h suck. (my dads' in oregon, i live in vancouver washington with my mom)
but they don't let me get things off line, and i don't have a credit card or pay pal anywai.

also, what happens if someone offers a "like new" marshall crate for $80 and i get a torn up peice of s--- that smells like hot dogs when i play it. or worse, smores? (lol)

another point is that i want to play the amps before investing money in them.
one of kork's amps is wireless, it's tiny and battery powered, but makes a big/smexy sound when you play it- is this something i should get, or do i need a big old plug in model? i'm on the go a lot and it would be useful to practice regardless of my proximity to a plug in.
You don't buy things online with craigslist, you go to their house to purchase it so you will see what you are getting.

I am guessing the wireless guitar is the roland micro cube. Its pretty good but it does not make a big sound, at least not compared to a standard practice amp. They are good to have but most people have one for on the go but still have a practive amp.
you are my GAWD! it's some kind of intraveinious feed of internet guitar knowledge straight into my jugular! is the microcube transparent, powered by a 9-volt, pocket sized, shaped like a teardrop kinda, and not anything like a cube? if so, then yes. yes it is.
... are they common? would my pawn shop have one with any likely hood?
and more importantly, is it a good amp to start with? i don't play in a band yet, i just play to get better, and to illustrate how much guitar queero and ****-band fail to my geek friends.
Its a fine amp to start with, lots of people use it when they are going somewhere without power like to go play in a park with their friends or something.

I doubt your local pawn shop would have one because there would really be no need to pawn one, its a good amp and a pawn shop probably wouldn't give much for it. But by all means go and search pawn shops around town and see whats there.