yeah, i can hear the alexisonfire influence... it's pretty solid, i liked the the intro part & the chorus riff is badass too. the speaking part is nice too, but maybe it runs just a tad too long, unless theirs a lot of speaking? idk. some of the transitions are kinda sudden as well, and could be made a little smoother, but anyways nice song.

mind crit-ing mine?
Overall good. That first riff kind of grinds out my soul, but after a while i kinda liked it. I think the choruses may be a bit reptitive, i think the A and A# power chords were overused, but with vocals it would sound good. My fav part was probably the bridge, very good.

Wow man...! That's great..ya.. I can feel some Alexisonfire influence in it...The spoken interlude is awesome... Everything was blended perfectly..But I think each screaming part should have different riffs...Otherwise, it's a bit boring to listen the same riff again and again. I'll give 9/10..