I'm just wondering if anyone has the same songwriting issue I have: I'm a big fan of bands like Radiohead, A Perfect Circle, The Doors, Interpol, Isis etc., bands who generally have very melodic guitar parts, but I also enjoy listening to bands like Godsmack, Disturbed, Rob Zombie, and System of a Down. I'd like to write more melodic music (which I know I am definitely capable of to some degree), but I tend to write heavier, powerchord-based music...I'm learning from Nirvana to try to blend these two together as well.

Anyway, the feeling I get is that I need to just write some heavier music to get it out of my system (because I often think of ideas for songs at work, and need to consummate it by playing and memorizing it, or writing it down, etc. so it doesn't occupy my mind so much), so I can focus on lighter stuff. I personally can't see how some bands constantly produce such one-dimensional heavy music, (same thing could be said about the opposite, Jack Johnson-esque end of the spectrum too...) but anyway I've been inspired by bands like Deftones and Tool to create a balance of the two.

Look, this is just a stream-of-consciousness rant now, I just want to know if anyone feels the same as I do, about getting the more primal and simplistic stuff written and out of the way to make room for more musically fulfilling stuff.

Listen to Nile + Meshuggah for 3 hours straight, it worked for me

and look into a band called Opeth
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Listen to Opeth, their probably the most melodic band ever.

+1 They're probably one of the best melodic metal bands out there.
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I know exactly what your talking about. I can't decide if I want bluesy rock music or metal (main influence Opeth/Porcupine Tree). I'm learning to mix them up, half my solos are slow and emotional, often very bluesy, and the other half are fast and the "make you jump up kind". I guess I'm trying to say that you don't have to pick one. Opeth mixes then into the same song half the time and they're great.
dude if u cant get that heavy metal song out of ur head then put it into music, write a song to epitomize ur vision of powerchord based rock, if thats whats in ur head then thats what u have to let out...
You have good taste in music.

But try to instead of sounding like bands you like, do what YOU do best.
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