I was wondering if anyone in the pit were in marching band and if you are what instrument you played?

Yes I am a band geek, but I play Guitar and Bass for marching band so its cool.
hehehe i always thought guitar/bass in a pit was soooooooo corny

i played tenor saxophone. **** marching band though now that i'm in college it's wind ensemble full throttle
My school has no marching band, but Our Concert Band, which i play bass in, Won a Silver Medal at the Golden Horseshoe Music Festival
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I was in it for two years then quit. I play trombone, I hated marching band but liked symphonic band a lot.
i play the trombone, and i must say i do a good job with the bone when it comes to me
second trumpet, maybe if i practiced more id be allowed first. =(
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i just graduated but i played alto sax in band for like 6 years. in the end i got a full jazz band scholarship, so i guess it was worth it
Trumpet. I don't really like Marching band that much...at all really. I prefer jazz and Orchestra.
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Bass Clarinet and Tenor Sax here, depending on the need.

We start Aug 4th. Our crazy director wants to do two weeks of 8 to 8.
I played quint toms on drumline.
Looks like I'm the first one on here. Yay drumline!
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I joined this year; too bad the band doesn't want a damn guitar player. So I'm stuck playing drums.
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i'm gonna join this year playing tenor sax!
wham, bam, thank you ma'am!
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i'm gonna join this year playing tenor sax!

Awesome, im a tenor player as well. But I couldn't help but notice your from SA. What school are you joining?
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Awesome, im a tenor player as well. But I couldn't help but notice your from SA. What school are you joining?

McCullum H.S.
wham, bam, thank you ma'am!
Our band practices started a long time ago. This is my 5th and final year playing trumpet for our marching band. I'm a 1st Trumpet 2nd chair, but I've got a hell of a section leader. Anyone on here in a marching band around southern Indiana??
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I'll be section leader in our band this year seeing that im the only senior trumpet player. My dad has been the director here for 20 years but he retired last year and now we've got this prick thats full of himself.

But anyway heres our band at festival, we got a superior rating:
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McCullum H.S.

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Tuuuuuuuuuuba. I'm the senior member of the section, but I didn't try out for section leader. We have our first music practice on Wednesday, but we really don't start in earnest until early August.
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I play flute in my pep/concert band at school. Everyone who plays the flute in my band fails miserably accept 1 or 2 people and me. Some of these girls can't even play one damn note. I mean, jesus ****ing christ.