I was curious as to how I would go about using my Roland Cube 30 as a head for a half stack amp.

I love the sound of Roland amplifiers and I am slowly starting to despise my Zoom pedal.

Help me out please. This may seem like a silly question but is it just going from the recording out jack or what?
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There might, I would doubt it, but might be a line out on the back, or speaker out of some sort. 2x12 or 4x12 wouldn't really help it's tone, nor make it much louder.

30watts is quite low and would severly underpower 2-4 speakers. I've heard of a few people, I believe billy gibbons done this for an album or two, using a 5watt tube head powering a 4x12 for a different tone. Usually this is undesirable as the speakers aren't going to have enough power to color the tone any, and possibly make your tone more sterile.

I would consider a higher wattage, and higher quality amplifier when you feel you're ready for more volume and tone.
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I don't think the Cube has a speaker out so you'd have to physically disconnect it.

It's not really worth it to be honest, and an amp being a half-stack doesn't automatically make it better or more professional. If you want a new amp then get a new amp, but you're better off leaving the Cube as it is.
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I don't think the Cube has a speaker out so you'd have to physically disconnect it.

I'm pretty sure that the 60 does, not sure about the 30 though.
It sure is possible, just do you really want to do it?
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