The thing works great. It can be used as an attenuator or simply as a "dummy" load. This is the purple 8 ohm version. It is in great condition and has rarely been used (spent most of its time in a box with my unused pedals).

I'm asking just $205 for it. I'd prefer to do this locally (I am in the Phoenix valley area, Arizona; specifically, in Glendale AZ). But if you are interested, I'd be willing to ship it anywhere in the continental U.S. (~$5 to ~$15 added for shipping; cost to ship depends on how far it has to go).

Below is an image of it:

If you are interested, shoot me a PM/email/whatever; let me know.
Just out of interest.. what does it do? :S
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It can do 2 things: act as a load, or (more commonly) act as an attenuator.

If you have a tube amp; it generally sounds better the louder you get (because you want to try and get tube saturation). But typically, getting to that point means your amp is VERY VERY loud. You can use the Hot Plate to lower the volume; hook your amp's outputs into it, and its outputs into your cab, and voila! The Hot Plate will convert energy from the output signal into heat; this reduces volume while keeping the same sound (though if you use extreme attenuation on any attenuator, like trying to drop 30dB, it will affect your sound; but 30dB is a lot of sound).

As a load... if you have a tube amp, you always need a speaker (ie, a load) connected to your amp. If you don't, the amps output essentially loops back into the amp itself, and this can fry the amp, likely to cause permanent damage. So, if for some reason you wanted to run your amp without a speaker attached, you could plug your amp into the Hot Plate and set it to act as a load; and this will prevent your amp from 'exploding'.

So in short... it's main purpose: Lets you crank your tube amp for tube saturation, while keeping the volume low and reasonable.