This is a short song i wrote. This is more of a rough draft and i wanted some opinions on what i have so far. It's sort of a thrashy song with a groove and an acoustic intro.
Short Metal Song.zip
Reminded me alot of Metallica. Except the end, that part kind of ruined it for me. But that's just me.
Gallien Krueger is awesome
oh, i'm loving the intro riff, creepy yet bold

main band's in now, and this sounds like the kind of riffage that has a circle pit or two going along it

short and sweet =D

i think you should add a 2nd guitar, so you can have backing for a solo or something

keep it coming =]

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Thanks for the crit' on my acoustic song!
First of all, in the future. Label different parts of the song so that they're easyer to follow...

The begining reminded me a bit of Avenged Sevenfold. Which is cool!

Bar 9 onwards was were the Metallica-ness kicked in. It sounds cool, but maybe some palm mutes and **** thrown in would be cool? The drrums at 14 were too basic Imo, maybe muck around with some cymbals and double kick and shizz? I don't know, it's your song. I can't tell you how to write it.

'22 was a cool riff, nice halftime use of the drums there! The drum fill at 30 was sort of, I don't know it didn't seem to fit. By the way, drums are one of my main instruments so I might go on about them if they don't seem right to me.

44 was one of my favourite parts, the tom's and ****e along with that riff on the guitar. Went really well together!

At 48 it was like a breakdown, which for something that's meant to be thrash, was pretty Metalcore

Overall, good song. Just some stuff I didn't like on the drums.
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