the pedals i am having problems with are my morley bad horsie wah, and my danelectro cool cat

the cool cat will not work with an adapter plugged in. the light on the pedal be on, but the actual effect will not be heard. it will work without adapter. i know that in the past these pedals had used 18 volts, but this one uses 9, it says right on the pedal and in the manual

the wah gets a really bad hum with an adapter plugged in. with the volume turned off, it makes a really harsh sound when used, compared to no sound with no adapter plugged in

any suggestions/help?

Schecter Blackjack C-1/C-7
Ovation Balladeer
Mesa F30
DanL Chorus
Bad Horsie Wah
EB Volume Pedal
The bad horsie is 18 volts right and the cool cat is 9v. Cant run em on the same adapter.