Here is what can eventually become a chronological folk song...

tell me what you think.

Fight the Day

Another day, another one who just can't help

Can't help the fact there's no other way to tell

A pressure pushes, people want to change the world

And for now everyone stands still

We all await the day

The mere idea we fear the most

'cause we choose to live with the shadow of a doubt

That this is the legacy we chose

We can't help but fight the day

And up till now we're running scared

But now it's safe to say this time we're well prepared

We won't stand for it

It's nothing less than standing still

But it's good to get around to it

And we best be taken down for it

It's not a war without a fight

Not a fight without a war

we can only hope you give us more, than what we're asking for


Another year we'll have a few who want to take it

And they'll take more than they deserve

A pressure pushes people want the world to change

And without the change they'll never turn

We all ignore the day

The mere idea we choose to fear

And now we claim, without a doubt

They'll come around next year

We want to fight the day

But we're too scared to even move

And still remains, the time to show,

There's nothing left to prove

The next ten years, they've come and gone and many chose to stand,

They stand against the fate they chose a many years ago

A pressure pushes people changed the world

When there was no place left to go

We all embraced the day, and fell apart when we forgot

There's things beyond a luxury, of which cannot be bought

We chose to fight the day, we won the battle, not the war.

And if we'd like to look too hard

We'll not find what we are looking for.
I like this, it seemed to have a good message. I wouldn't put the line breaks so far apart. It kinda throws the flow off for me personally. Good flow for the most part.

This line threw me off:

A pressure pushes people changed the world

And the last two lines, I was like "What are we looking for", it kinda seemed off topic. I felt like, it would have been fine ending at "Not the war"

but overall, good read.

ps. if you could rtf on my song in my sig, I would appreciate it.