i have an epiphone les paul standard with a gibson burstbucker pro in the bridge and seymour duncan sh-59 in the neck and they have been in my guitar for about a year now and for the past 3 months or so they cut in/out

for example

i will be playing on my bridge pick up and switch to the neck pick up...but get no sound at all(i have to strum brutally several times to "wake it up") and then when i go to switch back to my bridge i get the same problem...

this is very bad for me..im usually confined to staying on one pickup for a gig or whatever....and sometimes they cut out or fade away then too....it sucks ass
It could be a short in your lead cable

It could be a short (or broken conection) in the wire that leads from your switch to you volume pot

It could be a short (or broken connection) in the wire that leads from the output of the volume pot to the jack on the guitar

It could be a short (or broken connection) in the ground wire running from the back of the volume pot to the jack of the guitar.
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oh great haha...off to the guitar tech i go...i guess i will wait until i buy pickups for my strat before i go
you probably just hear stuff faster than the speed of light. It makes no sense, but your guitar is normal.
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dude if u have been playing for about six years i think its time for u to start learning how to maintain ur instruments, go buy a soldering iron and learn how to do it

haha duly noted

i just dont wanna screw up my life (when i say life i mean guitar)
Well, I'm trying to fix a similar problem with a squier strat jistnow, What i'm gonna do is make sure all the bits that are meant to be grounded are, and Mibbie wrap the soldered joins in electrical tape to stop them touching each other.

but, like those before me have said, it's probably either a loose conection or a short circuit. especailly since the guitar's so old and has had the pickups replaced.
An easy way to tell is a short circuit should produce practically no hum, Open circuits are more prone to humming, (but they can be quiet aswell, eg:if the guitar's shielded.)

I would have a look inside and see if you can see anything obvious, like a frayed wire dangling about inside or something.

Edit: top tip for soldering: I bought a thing of flux from Wickes, honestly, A monkey could get a good soldering join with a bit a flux, it's beast! (although I think it's also poisonous)
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